Q: Do You carry a cotton pad? 
A: We do not carry cotton pads and here is why. Our  pads are designed to be very efficient at transferring heat. Cotton, on the other hand is very poor at transferring heat. Our pads will provide effective  body cooling at water temperatures of about 70 degrees which feels nice against your body temperature of 98.6. To achieve the same cooling from a cotton pad, you must get much lower temperatures into the low 50's, which then can result in condensation....a new problem you do not want to deal with in your bed. This is why our competition requires 2 cooling units for larger beds and much less energy efficient and thermoelectric cooling.  
Q: Will evaporative cooling work in my area?
A: All of our product testing was done in the hot and humid Houston Texas area, so we can confirm that these units will work well even in humid areas. Now, you may have read that evaporative cooling won't work in humid areas, but that is in reference to whole home cooling. Your Cool Buddy doesn't need to cool an entire 500 ton house, just you!! 
Q: How many products do you have and which one should I choose?
A: We currently carry 2 Cool Buddy products, the CB-CW-1 which is a heating and cooling unit and the CB-C-1 which only provides cooling. Each Cool Buddy is available with either a small (27" x 63") pad or a large (55" x 63") pad. Which to choose is a matter of preference. If you need heating and cooling, go with the CB-CW-1. Not only does it heat, it also has a much larger water tank which is very convenient and ideal for floor placement set ups. If you only need cooling, the CB-C-1 will get the job done and is even portable with the addition of a small 12V battery. We don't currently carry these but are happy to point you to suppliers. The majority of customers will be most satisfied with the CB-CW-1 heating and cooling model...for just a little more you get heating, a larger tank, and a more stylish design. 
Q:Does Cool Buddy have a warranty?
A: Yes!! The Cool Buddy control unit has a standard 90 day manufacture's limited warranty.