Deluxe Setup

Cool Buddy Deluxe Setup Instructions

Thank you for purchasing this Cool Buddy Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad System from Pearland Imports LLC!! Our goal is to change the way people sleep by offering these phenomenal products at an affordable price to everyone. If you love your Cool Buddy, please tell your friends and colleagues about it. If you ever have a question or issue with your Cool Buddy please let us know so we can make it right.  

Richard Anderson-Owner 

Pearland Imports LLC 



Included in the box are the obligatory poorly translated instruction manual 😊…Sorry about that…please disregard those and proceed with the instructions below. You can also find setup videos on YouTube by searching for Cool Buddy USA. 

  1. Remove all items from the box. There are 2 primary components, a blue mattress pad and a gold and white cooling unit. Also included is a remote and 4 rubber stoppers that can be used to plug the hoses while cleaning or transporting. 
  1. Unfold the mattress pad and lay it on top of your mattress…I recommend placing it under the sheet. There are multiple ways to place the pad, but the key is that the hoses will need to be run to the control unit, either behind the headboard or off the side of the bed. There is no top or bottom so you can flip it to get the hoses in the optimal position. 
  1. Place the cooling unit in its desired location and gently connect the hoses to the outlet nozzles on the back. One hose will connect to the nozzle labeled water outlet, and the second hose will connect to the inlet nozzle labeled for the function you intend to use, either heating or cooling. The hoses are reversible, so it does not matter which hose goes on which nozzle. Do note that optimal placement for the cooling unit is slightly higher than the pad, like on a night stand. The Cool Buddy will still work fine if placed lower than the pad but will work more efficiently if it doesn’t need to pump uphill. 
  1. Plug your Cool Buddy’s cord into the wall. 
  1. Fill your Cool Buddy with ~1 gallon of tapwater and have additional water ready to top off. The fill cap is on the back of the unit about six inches above the power cord. It is round and white, and while it looks like a screw cap it isn’t, simply twist about 1/16 of a turn counterclockwise then lift up. Observe the tank level through the clear marking on the side, taking care not to overfill. 
  1. Turn on your cool buddy using the button on top of the unit marked Power, then press either the cool, or warm button to select the mode. Your Cool Buddy will begin pumping water from the reservoir, through the pad, and ultimately back to the cooling unit. You will observe the water level dropping in the viewing window as water fills the pad. After a minute or so, your low water alarm will likely beep as all of the reservoir water has been pumped into the pad. Refill with tapwater as before, and the unit will continue pumping until the pad is full. Let the unit run about 20 minutes to reach operating temperature, which is generally 7-12 degrees below room temperature. 
  1. There are 5 fan speeds to adjust the amount of cooling with 5 providing the most cooling and 1 providing the least…. Press the “Cool” button twice, then adjust using the +/- buttons to adjust. Adjusting in warming mode works the same, but you will be able to select the actual temperature in degrees Celcius. For reference, 35C is 95F, which is a nice and cozy temperature for most. 


If you ever have any questions about your Cool Buddy feel free to contact me directly…I am always more than happy to help, it’s my job after all 😊. 

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Your Cool Buddy unit was designed and engineered to give you years of service. However, the longevity of your device is primarily a function of performing simple routine maintenance of replacing the coolant water in your system weekly.  The problem is simple…your system uses about a gallon of water and given enough time algae can develop in any container of stagnant water. Fortunately, the solution is also simple…just drain your unit completely once a week and if you ever go more than 3 days without using it, drain it completely. Failure to maintain your Cool Buddy will allow growth inside the system and may lead to premature failure not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.  

Additional Units: 

If you need additional units for friends or family we can sell them directly to you for a great price without the online selling fees. Just check out our web site at for new units or replacement parts.  

Warranty: Please note that your Cool Buddy is covered by a 90 day manufacturer’s limited warranty administered by Pearland Imports. If you have any problems with your system during the 90 day warranty period please contact us and we will coordinate with the manufacturer to repair or replace your unit. 

Reviews:  Of course positive feedback is always appreciated and is critical to the success of our product and our small business. If you feel our product deserved a poor review we would simply ask that you give us a chance to make it right before you give us a bad rating…. Bad reviews, fair or not can be devastating to our company. We are a small business trying to make the world a little better place in our own small way… providing the US market with an affordable product we think will help people both sleep better and save a lot of energy. We aren’t perfect but we would appreciate the opportunity to earn a 5 Star rating both for our product and our customer service. 



  1. The most common issue our customers run into is a loss of cooling. The number one cause of this is due to the mattress pad becoming folded over on itself, stopping the water flowing through the pad and cooling system. The solution is to straighten out the pad, removing the kink and allowing water circulation to continue. 
  1. Another common question we get is in regards filling the water tank. On the back of the unit about six inches above the power cord, the unit narrows, and there is a white circular cap on the ledge. It looks like a screw on/off, but it actually isn’t, it only takes about 1/16 counterclockwise turn to unlock it, and it can then be removed by pulling straight up.  
  1. We have found that the easiest way to perform the weekly flush is by carrying the unit and the pad together to the tub or shower.  We then unhook the hoses and hang the pad from the shower rod allowing the water to drain. Give the cooling unit a good swirl to loosen any debris so it will get flushed out. Then hook it back up and fill it back up with fresh tap water.