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Thanks For Your Cool Buddy Purchase!!! 

Your recent Cool Buddy Purchase supports our small business, Pearland Imports LLC, which my wife Mandy and I started in 2016 for the sole purpose of bringing affordable and efficient bed cooling and heating systems to the US market.  

The Cool Buddy USA Story -Short(ish) Version 😀 

Back in the summer of 2007 energy prices were going through the roof and even more importantly Mandy was very pregnant with our first child. Sleep was hard to come by, and she was always hot, so of course every night our thermostat seemed to creep lower and lower into the 60's. Having previously kept the thermostat at 78, I was quite shocked to get my first ever $400 electric bill, but complaining was clearly out of the question!! I thought to myself... "this is crazy....to keep my pregnant wife happy I have to turn the entire house into a meatlocker every night...there simply has to be a better way"!! So I pulled our deep freezer into the bedroom, and with a 5 gallon bucket of salt water, a fish tank pump, and a lot of plastic tubing, I made an amateurish bed cooling system. It actually worked ok, but Mandy was clearly not impressed so after a few nights I dragged the deep freezer back out to the garage, mailed in the electric bill, and got back to baby proofing the house. 

A few years and a couple kids later, I saw an ad for the Chilipad, an admittedly more refined product than my earlier invention😂. Despite it's steep $1,100 price tag, I bought it, telling myself that maybe, just maybe it would partly pay for itself by lowering my electric bill. While Mandy and I loved the concept, we were underwhelmed by the ChiliPad's cooling performance in our hot Houston suburb of Pearland....especially for the very high price. When it failed, we just couldn’t justify spending another $1000+ for a replacement unit. However, after a little bit of research, we found that systems like this were actually quite common all over the world for a fraction of the price they were in the US which only had brands in the luxury niche like our old Chilipad 

With summer coming we quickly ordered some product samples from established manufacturers and were so impressed with the performance and the efficiency of the Cool Buddy that we immediately ordered a wholesale shipment. We had no experience in imports or retail (Mandy is a nurse, I’m an accountant) but we knew that we just had to bring this product to the US market and make it available to the millions of people who wanted a system like this, but like us simply couldn’t justify the $1,000+ luxury prices. To be sure, the Cool Buddy is no luxury product…it won’t sync to your smart watch or track your biorhythm. It’s a simple product for a simple job….and it does that job extremely well at the incredible value of nearly 75% less than many of our competitors systems. 

Mandy and I truly hope you love your Cool Buddy as much as we do. We think the Cool Buddy is an amazing product line and are proud to bring this simple technology to the US where we are confident it will help people get much better sleep using a fraction of the electricity they would by cooling (or heating) their home all night long…all at an incredible bargain compared to the alternatives.                                                                

Customer Service 

Cool Buddy USA is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions etc…please contact me directly Richard.Anderson@CoolBuddyUSA.com. 


Please Help Us Stay on Amazon's Good Side 😊 

We are new to selling on Amazon, but have learned quite a bit the hard way in the last few months. A lot of people think that when they buy from Amazon.com that we sell to Amazon, and Amazon sells to you, but this is not the case. You are buying directly from us, all Amazon provides is a platform, payment processing, and in some cases a staging warehouse to expedite shipping. That’s great, we really do love Amazon, but there are a few problems with this setup we want you to be aware of.  

1) There are severe restrictions in our ability to communicate if you contact us through Amazon’s messaging system….for example, even attempting to get your phone number for troubleshooting could get our whole account shut down…it’s a rule violation!! Trying to communicate effectively without breaking Amazon’s rules can be frustrating for all, so if possible, contact me directly and I will take care of you.           

2) Amazon punishes us on returns with all sorts of penalties and fees. Just last month we had someone order 3 Cool Buddy’s with small pads(Thanks!!), only to decide they would prefer the large pads. They returned the unused items to Amazon and ordered 3 new large pad systems. So far so good….but the next day we received a “nastygram” from Amazon canceling our listing for “excessive returns”. Yikes!! Sorry Mr. Bezos 😀!!  

All we ask is that if you have a return or a warranty issue, to please contact us directly first and give us a chance to make it right. Having been in this business for over a year now, I am the first to admit we aren’t perfect. These products are manufactured on the other side of the world, traveling thousands of miles to get here, and unfortunately, all it takes is one delivery guy or forklift operator having a bad day to give you a bad customer experience (I handled a cracked water tank just last week). All I ask is that if you have any problems with our product…give me a chance to make it right. If I fail in your estimation…then by all means go back to Amazon and utilize the protections they provide to purchasers.  


In conclusion…we just want to say thanks for giving us a chance to help you sleep better and save energy. Of course, like everyone we are trying to make a living at this, but I also like to think in some small way, maybe we are making the world a little better!!😀 

Richard Anderson 




Help Us Spread the Word!! 

If you love your Cool Buddy, help us spread the word and tell somebody about it!! Each Cool Buddy we sell can help save thousands of kilowatts of electricity a year…. Finally you can save your environment and your wallet at the same time!!