Sleeping While Pregnant

Exhausted During Pregnancy
Often when a woman is pregnant you hear the expression, "Eating for two," but this is not the only thing these women's bodies are putting in overtime to accommodate while pregnant. These pregnant women are also, "Sleeping for two." During a woman's first trimester of pregnancy it is normal for her to feel much more exhausted than she is used to. This is because her body is focusing such a large portion of it's energy on protecting and developing the growing person inside of her. In the first trimester of pregnancy the body has to form the placenta, which is the organ that nourishes the fetus until birth. During this phase your body is making more blood than normal and your heart is pumping at quicker rate. 
The terrible irony of how exhausted women are during pregnancy is that often these mothers-to-be experience issues getting to sleep. Expectant parents know that it'll be harder to get a good night's sleep after the baby is born but few know how difficult getting enough rest during the pregnancy can be. It is such a common issue for pregnant women that people have taken to joking that the issues pregnant women have sleeping are just preparing them for the lack of sleep they will get once the baby is born. The actual cause of these issues are primarily due to physical discomfort and the mental and emotional stress of such a major change. 
So What Can You Do?
Avoid Food Before Bed: Give yourself two hours before bed without eating or drinking anything other than water to avoid an upset stomach, acid reflux, and heartburn.
Avoid Extended Naps: The longer you nap during the day the harder it will be to get a full night of rest. This is not good because naps do not always afford us as deep of sleep as we need. 
Don't Over Stimulate Your Mind: Electronics are designed to engage you and can get your brain going a million directions, when the only direction you should be going is to bed.
Comfort is key: Spoil yourself with soft sheets, plush pillows and a nice comforter. It makes a difference!
Temperature Control: One of the most common issues that causes pregnant women to wake up several times throughout a night is temperature control. If you are sleeping too hot or too cold and it causes disruptions throughout the night you are cheating yourself out of the rest you deserve. Cool Buddy is the solution for you! Control the temperature of your mattress without having to spend the money to cool or heat you entire home and get the sleep you need!