REM Sleep

Sleep Stages
Everyone knows sleep is a necessity for humans and animals to function. Without sleep your health and mental state begin to rapidly decline- this is why making sure you are well rested each night is such a vital part of your personal wellness. While you are unconscious, your body will go through stages of sleep- each serving a beneficial purpose for you. In total there are 5 stages of sleep, with the final being REM (Rapid Eye Movement). REM sleep gets it's name because while you are in this stage of rest your eyes rapidly dart and move around beneath your eyelids. In order to complete a sleep cycle you must stay asleep until the REM cycle is completed. During the REM stage, the activity in your brain begins increasing- promoting learning, the rate of your heartbeat rises, and the intensity of your dreams is at it's highest point.
It takes approximately an hour and a half of sleeping before your body enters the REM sleep stage. The first time your body completes a full cycle of sleep- the REM stage may be as short as 10 minutes but will increase in length which each completed cycle. The last time your body completes the cycle the REM stage may last as long as an hour.
Importance of REM Sleep
Staying comfortable and asleep throughout the entire cycle and completing it is important because the most restorative part of your sleep cycle comes in the REM stage. Disrupted REM sleep leads to grogginess, emotional instability, poor health, lack of concentration and more. If you are tossing and turning and waking up several times throughout a night then you need to adjust your lifestyle. Ask yourself what is it that is keeping you up at night. Are you eating to close to bed? Are you overstimulating your brain with electronics such as your smart phone or television before bed? Maybe it is time to invest in a better mattress or blackout curtains for your room? 
Cool Buddy Solution
One of the most common issues that causes people to wake up several times throughout a night is temperature control. If you are sleeping too hot or too cold and it causes disruptions throughout the night you are cheating yourself out of the rest you deserve. Cool Buddy is the solution for you! Control the temperature of your mattress without having to spend the money to cool or heat you entire home and get the sleep you need!
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