Entrepreneur Richard Anderson

Forward-thinking entrepreneur, Richard Anderson, says the idea for selling the Cool Buddy started about 10 years ago. "It was 2007, I was working in oil and gas and energy prices were kind of going to the moon," Anderson said. "It was great for oil and gas employees but bad for anyone who had to pay an electric bill. My wife was also pregnant with our first child at the time and was struggling to get to sleep. She was always too hot. We started sleeping with the air conditioner down to 68 degrees or lower every night and as a result started getting these huge $400+ electrical bills."
Anderson says he kept thinking, if his family was experiencing this, other people must be struggling with it too, that's when he came up with an idea. "I actually got our deep freezer, a 5 gallon bucket of water and a fish tank pump. I made my own little cooling system, which looking back was essentially a prototype." Anderson's wife, however, was not impressed with the product quality. "I just had the deep freezer, a bunch of tubing and the fish tank pump, pumping cold water through the tubes, under the sheets. It wasn't comfortable at all and was actually too cold."
After a few days the couple decided it wasn't working for them and Richard drug the deep freezer back out to their garage but the idea was there.
"We never really spoke about it again for probably 4-5 years. Then, I saw an ad one day for a product that utilized a similar mechanism, the same general idea but more refined. I remember thinking it was way overpriced, somewhere around $1,100 dollars but my wife was pregnant again and her comfort was worth it to me," Anderson said.  "When we bought it we thought it was okay but were very disappointed in the cooling power. It would only keep us cool for a short time, less than an hour and the worst part was I didn't notice a reduction in my electrical bill."
Over the next few months Anderson says he kept thinking about how close the product was to working. It just needed some tweaks to make it efficient and then it completely stopped working. "I sent it back in because it was covered under a warranty, when we got it back it ran for a short time before it stopped working again but the warranty had ended," Anderson said. "Even though it wasn't worth the money and wasn't operating the way I had hoped, I still liked the idea. I still believed in the concept and wasn't ready to let it go."
Anderson decided to reach out to a few different manufacturers before finding one who shared his passion for the product. "I'm much happier with this product than the $1,100 mattress pad I once owned. Moving forward I am going to be offering a Cool Buddy pillow pad," Anderson said. "My wife and I sleep on a Cool Buddy every night, even in the winter because we live in Texas and like sleeping cool."