Creating A Sleep Friendly Habitat

Getting a restful night of sleep everyday is one of the most important necessities for all people to be functional, healthy and happy. Why then is sleep also widely one of the most neglected basic needs? 
Many people underestimate how important their environment can be when it comes to getting a good night of sleep. Lots of factors influence your rest but a few quick and easy tweaks can make a world of difference. 
So how can you build the perfect sleep sanctuary? If you're curious what you can do to make your bedroom the ideal habitat for rest, check out these tips!
-Linens: Splurge on good sheets! You are supposed to be spending one-third of your day in bed, you deserve the good ones! Wash them regularly so they stay fresh and smell great. Also, if you enjoy the smell of lavender there are lots of options for scenting your sheets with this sleep inducing fragrance.
-Go Green: Adding living plants and flowers to your home is a great way to increase oxygen flow and adds to the oasis style environment you are looking for! If you already have plants in your home but have never considered bringing them into your room, give it a try!
-Make Your Bed: Making your bed daily, while may not seem important, can make a huge difference in your day! Not only will it make your room nicer and neater but when you start your day off being productive you set the tone for your day. Your brain makes positive associations with patterns. Each night when you turn your bed down before getting in your brain will happily recognize this as a sign sleep is coming soon. 
-Keep It Cool: Everyone is different but on average the ideal sleeping temperature for people is 68 degrees. This can be expensive to achieve, especially during warmer months. This is why the Cool Buddy was first created. It allows you to adjust the temperature of your mattress to your desired comfort. It's much cheaper to cool off a mattress than it is to cool off an entire house. 
-Eliminating Light: The brain is exceptionally sensitive to light, especially blue lights, when it comes to sleeping ! The ideal sleep sanctuary is absent of all light, including small lights on electronics. If you keep odd hours and sleep during the day invest in blackout curtains!
Cool Buddy
Sleep is vital for all of us. If you find yourself tossing and turning all night because you are too hot or too cold, it's worth your time to consider investing in a Cool Buddy temperature controlling mattress topper. Whether you're shivering your night away or sweating through your sheets, the Cool Buddy can accommodate your needs and help you rest how you deserve. When you get the rest you deserve, you are a happier and healthier you.