6 Things That Interrupt Restful Sleep

Finding The Right Temperature
Your body is designed to lose heat as you sleep, allowing your blood vessels to open up for better circulation. However, if when you try to sleep you are too hot or too cold this can affect your body's ability to regulate it's heat which will lower the quality of rest you get in a night. 
Stick To A Schedule
Your body is constantly following your lead. If you are on a sporadic, inconsistent schedule it will make it difficult for your body to know when it is supposed to be tired and when it is supposed to be active. You want to set your body's natural clock, known as the circadian rhythm, to be in tune with your needs. 
Late Night Food and Drinks
A full stomach or bladder can lead to a disruptive night's sleep. Food can lead to painful heartburn when you lay down that will make it harder to sleep restfully. Loading up on any drink before bed will cause you to disrupt you sleep cycle to get up and urinate frequently throughout the night. Disrupted sleep cycles minimize the benefits of sleep. 
Cat Naps
Naps can be effective ways to restore your energy throughout the day. Many cultures encourage a short nap in the middle of your day. However, if you are struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep, napping can mess up your schedule even more. It's best to force yourself to stay awake throughout the day until it's an appropriate time to rest. 
Overstimulating Your Brain
Studies have shown an overwhelming majority of Americans spend the time directly before they sleep watching television, on their phones or computers. This sort of stimulation excites your brain and starts making it process information quickly and in all directions. This is not recommended before bed, instead try laying down, reading a book or meditating. 
Exercising Before Bed
No one will argue that exercise is good for you. Exercising directly before bed may not be the best idea for everyone though. When you exercise you raise your body's temperature, heart rate and blood pressure which is not conducive to rest. When you need to sleep your body should be winding down slowly into a calm and peaceful rest.

Cool Buddy

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